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Advisement Sessions

An advisement session is a 30-minute consultation with a professional for the purpose of gathering information regarding therapy in general, a mental health issue of your own or someone you care about and related treatment or referral options. These sessions are ideal for individuals, couples and families who are unsure if they want to invest in therapy or if therapy is the right fit for their presenting concerns. Advisement with a seasoned professional can help one to gain needed information and guidance about how to move forward. 

You may benefit from an advisement session if:

  • You have never been to therapy before and want to find out a little more about it before investing your time and money. 

  • You are unsure which therapist is the best fit for you and want to hear more about their philosophies, background and treatment approach.

  • You are trying to figure out which type of therapy is the best fit for your problems. For example, whether you would be best served by individual, couple's or family therapy or whether you should work on symptom management or address underlying traumas first. 

  • You have concern about a family member who is struggling with a mental health issue and want to know the best way to approach helping them. 

  • You think you might have a particular diagnosis and would like to be educated by a mental health professional about related symptoms, treatment and referral options. 

Please visit our Practitioners page to consider which therapist would be the best fit for your advisement session and note this in your request. If you are unsure which therapist would be the best fit, please tell us a little bit about your questions and we'll select the best practitioner to address your concerns. 

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