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Child / Parent / Family Conflict

As sure as the sun rises and sets, there will come a time in every relationship where the individuals involved experience a conflict. Sometimes these conflicts can be ongoing and become a source of tension within a family as they go unresolved. These problems can leave us feeling drained, helpless, and stuck having the same argument over and over again. Challenges often arise from individuals being too reactive, not being honest enough or simply misunderstanding the others' perspective. Therapy can be a place where positive and constructive communication can be facilitated by a professional who is trained in helping people resolve conflicts. 

Types of conflict we can help you with include interpersonal, child-child, child-parent, and family conflict. Please don't hesitate to call us if you are experiencing any of the following stresses:

  • Poor communication styles

  • Problems with authority, boundaries, or rules

  • Conflict over school and grades

  • Difference in views or opinions

  • Divorce or new marriage

  • Birth of a new sibling / jealousy of a sibling

  • Sibling conflict and sibling rivalry

  • Dealing with a child's diagnosis or disability

  • Transitioning from adolescence into adulthood

  • Moving and adjustment to new circumstances

  • Change in financial stability

  • Dishonesty between parents and children

  • Marital strain over family conflicts

  • Refusal to compromise

  • Issues with anger management

  • Avoidance of conflict within the family

There are healthy ways of dealing with and resolving conflicts. At Place of Peace, our therapists are ready to help you resolve any one or a combination of these conflicts through individual, couples, group, or family therapy.

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