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Relaxation and Stress Management

In this world of stress and time pressure, it is vitally important that we build the skills for stress management, relaxation and self-care. The old idea of pushing yourself until you drop is "out" and taking good care of yourself so that you can be centered and well-prepared to handle whatever life throws your way is the new trend. We hope it's here to stay! It feels amazing and ironically, even leads to greater productivity, creativity and quality of work on the long run. 


  • Stress management includes skills such as using relaxation, having good organizational and time management skills as well as engaging in appropriate assertiveness and boundary setting. 

  • Relaxation skills include the use of targeted breathing strategies, various relaxation exercises, such as progressive muscle relaxation and relaxation imagery, as well as self-talk and self-soothing, for calming the body and mind. 

  • Self-care includes things like taking breaks when needed, engaging in pleasurable activities, hobbies, exercise, social support and learning to say no. 


Using these skills can help us to create a more enjoyable life, keep stress to a minimum and send a soothing message to our nervous and immune systems. With relaxation and stress management, we can generate the resources we need to be resilient to daily unavoidable stressors around us. Not having these skills can lead to mental health symptoms such as anxiety and depression, as well as frequent sickness and chronic health problems.


Come and develop your stress management plan today so that you can have a peaceful place inside yourself to retreat to for rejuvenation when life gets overwhelming.

Let Us Help You Find Your 
Place of Peace
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