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Self-Esteem Problems

Self-esteem is your most important resource in life, yet, surprisingly, most of us live with a shortage of it. Instead, self-critical thoughts and excessive self-demands are common. Sometimes self-esteem problems can be caused by negative childhood or life experiences and, other times, they are simply a result of an individual not yet discovering their greatness.

Here are some typical symptoms that can indicate a low level of self-esteem:

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Negative self-talk and self-criticism

  • Frequent or excessive guilt

  • Problems with decision-making

  • Inability to stand up for oneself

  • Pessimism and negativity

  • Judging or putting others down

  • Physical symptoms such as tension, headaches or insomnia

  • Excessive worry about what others think

  • Constantly comparing self to others

  • Inability to share ideas or feelings

  • Social anxiety and/or avoidance

  • Allowing others to treat you poorly

  • Putting oneself down often

  • Inability to set boundaries

  • Constantly questioning self and feelings

  • Sensitivity to criticism

  • Obsessive thoughts about what one said or did in a social interaction

  • Irritability and short temper

  • Slouching or "pulling in" body posture

Being hard on ourselves seems like it should create more success but, ironically, it often creates anxiety, stagnation and negative outcomes instead. Loving ourselves doesn't mean we stop pushing ourselves to grow; it just means we create a fertile and supportive soil in which to fuel our growth and development. 

How to love ourselves seems elusive and abstract. But our therapists know the way. Join us on the path to discovering your greatness today.

Let Us Help You Find Your
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