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Relationship and Marital Problems

Relationships are both rewarding and challenging. All of us at some point have found ourselves at a loss for how to find the right relationships or get what we need from those we love. It is an important part of being human to connect with others, experience love and, all the while, still continue to be true to ourselves. That's the essence of our biggest challenges in relationships. 

At Place of Peace, we understand relationships and are prepared with the skills to help you overcome these challenges and even use them to fuel your growth. We treat the following issues within relationships:

  • Problems communicating and frequent conflicts

  • Emotional neediness and avoidance

  • Problematic relationship patterns

  • Problems with Assertiveness

  • Lack of independence / dependency

  • Enmeshment / Blurred boundaries

  • Unmet relationship needs

  • Feeling misunderstood or unheard

  • Feeling frequent judged

  • Affairs / infidelity / cheating

  • Emotional outbursts and Reactivity

  • Lack of Intimacy / Fears of Intimacy

  • Caretaking for others

  • Over- and Under-responsibility

  • Problems with setting boundaries

  • Co-dependency

  • Step-family / In-law conflicts

  • Insecurity and problems with trust

  • Problems understanding others' feelings

  • Problems with being overly critical 

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