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Parenting Support

Let's be honest - parenting is hard! As parents, you probably have your own areas of expertise in your life but rarely is developmental and behavioral psychology for children one of them. Don't worry. We've got you covered! At Place of Peace, we offer empirically based strategies for helping you to help your child develop effective emotional, behavioral and social habits for life.  

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)


Triple P is an evidence-based program for children ages birth to 12 that is designed to promote positive parenting strategies and give parents simple and practical solutions for managing childhood behavior problems. 


Triple P focuses on:


  • Improving parent/child interactions

  • Using positive attention to foster positive behavior

  • Managing noncompliance and/or disruptive behaviors through step by step age-appropriate discipline strategies. 

  • Parenting strategies for children with disabilities

  • Supporting parents through their own symptoms of anxiety/depression

  • Engaging two parent families in Partner Support Interventions

  • Working with separating and/or divorcing parents

  • Working with families who are at risk of abuse in the home 

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