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Our Services
We have the tools to create the life you are wanting

At Place of Peace, we want nothing more than to see you grow, thrive and become empowered to overcome the challenges you are facing. We have the tools to help you get there. We offer empirically-validated treatments for anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD and more. We believe in combining the results of scientific studies with the wisdom of experienced therapists to create an effective treatment plan that is tailored specifically to you. 

We provide General Counseling and Psychotherapy Services, as described in our What to Expect section, and we offer specific therapeutic services as described below.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy


Relaxation and

Stress Management

Teen study group

Therapy for Teens

A Man Looking at his Tablet Device

Online Therapy


Trauma Therapy

and EMDR

Distanced Couple

Substance Abuse Counseling

Happy Family

Family Therapy

Jumping into the Water

Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD


Mindfulness and


Boys with toys

Child / Play 


A man throws cubes with letters and make

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Parents and Child

Parenting Support

Let Us Help You Find Your
Place of Peace
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