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Psychologist for Children
Child Behavioral / Emotional Problems

At various points throughout a child's development, behavioral problems can arise due to social and emotional challenges that are a normal part of their learning about life. These can affect a child's relationships, self-esteem and identity, as well as functioning within the home and school settings. Parents can be left feeling frustrated and exhausted, with stress for all involved that can negatively impact family relationships as well as the family’s overall happiness. You do not have to suffer through this alone! Therapy can be a way for parents and children to address the underlying issues that are causing the problem, as well as repair family relationships. We help parents and children to better learn each other’s feelings, needs, and how to best communicate and meet these in a safe, secure, and consistent manner, therefore increasing positive interactions and improving the child’s future success.


Types of emotional and behavioral challenges we can help you and your child with include:


·        Temper tantrums

·        Emotional outbursts

·        Listening difficulties

·        Compliance and defiance

·        Arguments with caregivers

·        Difficulty in routines and expectations

·        Verbal and physical aggression

·        Impulsivity and hyperactivity

·        Attention and connection seeking behaviors

·        Anxieties and worries


There are healthy ways of dealing with emotional and behavioral challenges in children. At Place of Peace, our therapists are ready to help you resolve any one, or a combination, of these adversities through individual and dyadic therapy. To learn more about the approaches we use, please visit our play therapy and parenting support pages on this site. 

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