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Join Our Team

At Place of Peace, our favorite kind of opportunity is the one that comes knocking on our door. If you feel drawn to what we have to offer, find yourself aligned with our value system and/or are looking to take your career to the next level, please reach out and connect with us!

Our Core Values

  • Providing high quality care - Our providers are experts and our treatments are evidence based.

  • Meeting the needs of our community - Our staff has been specifically recruited with our community's needs in mind.

  • Authenticity and Warmth - We aspire to have the courage to be ourselves, and we hope you will too.

  • Practitioner Mentoring - We create an environment that supports practitioners in setting and achieving career goals. 

  • Creating a Healthy Workplace - We believe that a healthy workplace supports a healthy therapist, who supports healthy clients. 

Professional Development

At Place of Peace, we host a variety of degree and licensure types, as well as provide treatment for a broad array of issues and diagnoses. Thus provides a multitude of opportunities for learning and growth, as we gain new knowledge from our consultations with peers. We all share our commitment to continuing education and our passionate about learning new skills we can use to help our clients. 

Creating a Healthy Workplace

We aim to create a healthy workplace that is characterized by respect for self-care and allows you to have the optimal work / life balance you desire. We promote mutual respect amongst our staff, supporting each other's work, encouraging healthy communication and working to create a gossip-free environment.

Practitioner Mentoring

As an expert in your field, you will be highly regarded at Place of Peace and given the independence and autonomy you desire. At the same time, we have a 4-person administrative staff available for support and consultation to help you learn about all the ins and outs of running a practice and dealing with insurance companies. Here, at our place, it's safe to discuss, set and fulfill your career goals and dreams.

Grow With Us

Our contracts are designed to provide space for practitioner growth and independence, should that be desired. We also host an internship program that enables us to provide the opportunity for our practitioners to build their skills in supervision, mentoring and teaching.  There is no career more meaningful than being a therapist, and we welcome you to this incredible journey. We can't wait to be a part of yours. 

Internship Program

Our internship program offers the opportunity for a "real-time" experience in a private/group practice setting so you can see if providing therapy for a career is going to be the right fit for you. We offer you a variety of perspectives from experts in the field for you to learn from and we promise you will leave feeling prepared. 

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