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Substance Abuse / Addiction

Lost in the sea of addiction? You are not alone. Substance abuse is one of the top public health problems in our country today. Substance use activates the brain's reward system, creating a cycle of repeated cravings, with use resulting in pleasure, and withdrawal causing anxiety, depression and other uncomfortable symptoms. It may seem like breaking the habit is impossible, but our therapists are here to help you find a way.

You may have a problem with addiction if you have the following symptoms:

  • Using in larger amounts than originally intended or for longer periods of time than directed

  • Inability to cut down or stop using despite  repeated efforts to quit or control use

  • Large amounts of time (more than 2 hours per day) obtaining, using, or recovering from use

  • Cravings / urges to use

  • Anxiety, irritability, depression etc are experienced when not able to fulfill cravings

  • Failure to manage work, home, or school life

  • Continued use despite problems caused 

  • Giving up important or enjoyable activities because of using

  • Repeated use despite the substance endangering physical or mental health

  • Continued use despite knowledge of physical or psychological problem made worse or caused by the substance

  • Building a tolerance to the substance so that more is needed over time

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms with non-use (specific to the substance)

Not all addictions are substance-based, such as gambling addiction, sex addiction, and other compulsive behaviors such as excessive shopping, stealing, and overuse of electronics. However, all addictions share the same criteria above, with some slight variations, and treatment is similar across categories. 

No matter where you are in your recovery journey - whether you are just beginning to wonder if you have a problem with addiction, or if you are working to maintain the changes you have already made - we are here to walk with you and support you in your process. 

Let Us Help You Find Your 
Place of Peace
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