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Family Therapy

Family relationships can be both our biggest source of reward and fulfillment in life and yet they can also bring our biggest challenges in the areas of communication, unconditional love and tolerance. How can we turn these family challenges into the capability for more intimate relationships and meaningful personal growth? Our therapists can show you the way. 

At Place of Peace, we use the wisdom of Family Systems and Interpersonal theories to help you and your family resolve conflicts, heal painful wounds and build healthier relationships. Family therapy can be beneficial when:

  • There is frequent conflict between one or more family members

  • A disagreement remains that has not been able to be resolved

  • A hurtful event occurred that one or more individuals has not been able to get past

  • There is concern about one member of the family having a physical, emotional, psychological or behavioral issue that they are not addressing and/or need help with

  • A family member needs to share something with the family that is tense or uncomfortable

  • One or more family members needs help and support through a difficult transition, such as a move, a death, divorce or a new step-family

Some common goals of family therapy are to:

  • Help confront difficult issues with a mediator who is there to facilitate productive dialogue

  • Increase positive communication through recognition of feelings and use of healthy assertiveness

  • Help family members to use their feelings to set appropriate boundaries

  • Learning to respect the boundaries of other members of the family

  • Learning to be less emotionally reactive to other family members through becoming aware of, owning and working through our own issues

  • Increase parents' ability to be in control of the family system and using discipline appropriately

  • Strengthen family relationships through positive interactions and quality time together

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