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Insurance and Fees

Insurances Accepted

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield

  • Aetna

  • Medcost

  • PHCS/Multiplan

  • Tricare

If you have health insurance, whether through your job or through the federal exchange, you will be responsible for your co-pay (after your deductible is met, if applicable) at the beginning of each session. You can find information about the amount of your co-pay on the front of your insurance card under the category  of “specialist” or “mental health” (sometimes abbreviated mh/sa/dd). You are responsible for knowing the details of your insurance policy so please contact your insurance company before your initial visit to verify your benefits. 

As a courtesy to you, we will file any claims to your insurance company on the day of your session. Benefits will be estimated by your insurance company shortly thereafter (typical time frame is 2-4 weeks). Please be aware that, even after consultation with your insurance company, you cannot be certain of payment until after the first session is filed and the insurance company determines your benefits. Therefore, you will be responsible for any amount that is not paid by your insurance company.

If your insurance company is not listed above, you may still be eligible for “out of network” benefits. Please contact your insurance company to find out what your out-of-network benefits are. Depending on your insurance company's preference, we can bill for your out-of-network benefits through our online billing software or we can provide you with a receipt that you can use to file claims and be reimbursed by your insurance company directly.

Payment Methods Accepted

·         Cash

·         Check

·         All major credit cards


·         HSA (Health Savings Accounts) Cards ​

**A credit card on file is required to hold the first appointment and is only used in the case of no-shows or late cancellations. Our office is very busy and this helps to ensure that we do not hold appointments that end up being unused, therefore preventing other clients who need services from getting care.              

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Self-pay fees (for those without insurance) vary by practitioner and service and are as follows:

Mental Health Care:


Practitioner                        Initial Assessment      45-minute          60-minute    Couple's/Family       Group      Advisement Session

Tara Ferguson, PhD                     $150                          $120                        $135                  $140                     $70               A 30-minute

Megan McDonnell, PsyD            $130                          $110                        $120                  $125                     $60         Advisement Session

Stefanie Roback, LCSW              $120                          $100                        $110                  $115                     $50             is $50 for any of 

Lauren Butler, LCSW-A               $110                          $90                           $100                 $110                      $40            the practitioners  

Renee McCauley, LPC                 $125                          $100                        $115                  $120                      $55

Marki Sulzbach, LPCA                 $110                          $90                           $100                  $110                     $40 

Elizabeth Bain, LPC                     $125                          $100                        $115                  $120                      $55    

**Some practitioners may be willing to offer sliding fee scales for clients who are in need of financial assistance. Sliding scales cannot not be used in conjunction with insurance benefits.