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Online Therapy

In this time of life busy-ness and increased options for online connectivity, more and more people are preferring to skip the trip to their therapist’s office and meet online instead. Online therapy offers the following advantages:

  • Gives you the control of working therapy into your schedule and life as you wish

  • Creates the ability to bring your therapist into your life experience and environment so they can better understand you and what you are facing

  • Convenience of not having to make a trip to and from your therapist’s office, wait in the waiting room for them before your session or speak to a receptionist before and after your appointment

  • Privacy of not having to be exposed as a client to the general public or other clients in the waiting room, particularly after a difficult session where you’ve been crying or need to recover from what you’ve processed


Also, great news!

  • Initial research suggests that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy

  • More insurance companies are paying for telehealth every day. We are happy to call your insurance company and verify that this is a benefit you can use with your policy. Even if not, our therapists provide affordable out-of-pocket rates to make sure you can get the support you need.

  • We use a HIPAA compliant and secure option for our online therapy so one of the greatest benefits of coming to therapy – privacy and confidentiality – can be maintained.

Let Us Help You Find Your

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