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Multicultural Issues and Challenges

Every single one of us is unique....and that's a beautiful thing. But it can be a challenge to embrace and express who you are when facing issues such as stereotyping, racism, sexism, heterosexism or religious discrimination. Discrimination and stereotyping seem to be rampant in our society, despite progressive movements, diversification and efforts towards equality. Those experiencing multicultural issues may be left questioning their identity, feeling like they should hide who they are or like they should assimilate to the ‘cultural norms’ of society. Feelings of being targeted, discriminated against, or judged can be immensely damaging to mental and emotional well-being.


If you are dealing with issues related to understanding various aspects of your multicultural identity or are dealing with discrimination itself, know that our staff at Place of Peace is open and affirming to individuals of all races, ethnic groups, sexual or religious orientations, economic backgrounds, beliefs and opinions regardless of age, gender, disability status or stage of identity. We are eager to serve and help all human beings.

Please don't hesitate to let us support you with any of the following issues:

  • Racial identity development processes

  • Experiences with prejudice or discrimination

  • Religious and/or spiritual confusion

  • Religious and/or spiritual discrimination

  • Negative past experiences with religion

  • Ethnic identity challenges

  • Feeling culturally isolated and estranged

  • Desire to maintain cultural traditions

  • Sexual identity and orientation issues

  • Issues related to "coming out"

  • Gender identity issues and confusion

  • Gender or sexual identity discrimination

  • Disability status discrimination

  • Adjustment to a disability

  • Socio-economic status challenges

  • Other issues related to being LGBTQ+

Everyone has a voice, and at Place of Peace we are waiting to hear yours. Our therapists embrace diversity and are here to support you with any multicultural challenges you may be facing.

Let Us Help You Find Your 
Place of Peace
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