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  • Lauren Butler

What We Need to Hear in this "New Year" Season

2020 is here- a new year and a new decade.

But, you know what I wish I would be hearing more of, in general and in the therapy community? True change takes time.

It takes time to ask for help.

It takes time to heal.

It takes time to pick up the pieces and move forward.

It takes time to rediscover, redefine, and reinvent your life.

It takes time to forgive.

It takes time to accept a new normal and embrace the changes that come.

True change does take time and that amount of time can be different for every person. Oftentimes, with the push for New Year’s resolutions and “new year, new me” statements, people feel pressured to immediately feel better or suddenly feel a surge of energy to move forward in a way like never before. These statements sell many gym memberships, but does it promote a healthy mindset?

I think, for once, we need the message of the new year to be that it is okay not to be okay all the time. If we can challenge ourselves every single day regardless of the day on the calendar to take one small step towards a goal, I know we would have a society of people with a much healthier mindset. So, instead of crazy resolutions, what are your goals for this year however big or small? What can you do each day to make a step, even if it’s a really scary or really small step, towards accomplishing it?

Maybe one of your goals is seeking help for circumstances or emotions and feelings out of your control. At Place of Peace Counseling, we are here to meet you where you are and help you move forward. We want nothing more than to see you reach your goals, find inner peace, and become whoever you want to be! Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Maybe this year, you will find the best version of yourself, you’ll make major life changes, or you’ll take a huge leap of faith that leads to something amazing. But, maybe this year, you just take a few steps in the right direction, you seek out help, or you allow yourself to forgive one person you never thought you’d be able to. What I want you to hear is that any of those things, no matter how big or how small, are something to be proud of and something to celebrate! So, what is this year going to look like for you?

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