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Farewell Wilmington

As the azaleas bloom and the world is in crisis over the coronavirus, I bid farewell to Wilmington. My husband’s military orders are moving us to Southern Pines, North Carolina to our new home for the next several years. I was a novice when I first came to the area and found a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Ferguson. Through Dr. Ferguson’s care and knowledge she mentored me to become the clinician I am today. I would not be the same person without her guidance and supervision. And for that I say, thank you! Then, with the start of the group practice I again was lucky to meet all the wonderful clinicians — and now friends — who work at Place of Peace. I have loved working with you all and I will miss you.

To my clients, thank you for sharing your lives with me and putting the effort for growth and change. Most clients don’t fully understand the impact they have on therapists. I hope you all know that you have impacted my life and I value the time we spent together. I love this work and I thank you for the opportunity for being part of your challenging but rewarding process of healing.

It has been an honor to work at Place of Peace and I will miss you all. There is a song I learned in Belize that has comes to mind when saying goodbye. It’s meant to be sung in a round repeating the verses over and over. I don’t know its origin but feels right as I think about all the people I have met here and hold dear.

Life is like a circle

It goes on forever

Like ripples in the water

It goes on forever.

I’ll carry you always in my heart

I’ll carry you always in my heart

Farewell Wilmington. I’ll carry you always in my heart.

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