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Our mission is to help you find a peaceful place inside yourself

Place of Peace

Counseling and Therapeutic Center

Serving Wilmington, NC and the surrounding areas

Place of Peace was created to help individuals, couples and families in our community navigate the stressful nature of dealing with mental health and other life challenges. We are a group of psychologists, therapists, counselors and social workers who use cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and meditation and trauma therapy, among other things, with the goal of helping individuals create a peaceful place inside themselves. We know this can be difficult, especially when we are struggling with anxiety, depression or emotional pain. Our therapists use empirically-validated and time-tested treatments to help you identify the cause of your pain, heal the underlying issues that are leading to your symptoms and build new skills for healthier habits and patterns. 

Our Goals
  • Develop skills for coping with anxiety, depression and other mental health symptoms as well as the challenges of negotiating interpersonal relationships.

  • Learn skills to escape from worry, conquer negative thinking and master the use of your mind as a problem-solving tool.

  • Cultivate self-awareness, self-love and a strong sense of self. Learn to accept who you are while still challenging yourself to grow.

  • Increase understanding of your emotions, internal strength and tolerance for distressLearn to make practical use of your feelings as a tool to guide you toward growth in your life.

  • Gain insight into how past events are affecting you and use cutting edge techniques to help you integrate and heal painful life experiences.

  • Make meaning of your challenges by transforming emotional pain and troubling symptoms into strength, character, growth and wisdom. 




“Both my kids have seen multiple therapists at Place of Peace. They are all overwhelmingly kind, considerate, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I feel very fortunate to have found Place of Peace.”

Let Us Help You Find Your

Place of Peace

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