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  • Tara Ferguson, PhD

A battle within one's own mind: Jamie's* poem

One of my very gifted clients wrote this poem, which so eloquently describes the tendency of our minds/thoughts to create problems, fears and emotions that are often out of proportion to the situation or even completely untrue. Much of this (in my opinion) is a relic of our evolutionary history and has helped us to survive, but is now no longer relevant and is causing more problems than it solves, as well as preventing us from moving forward as a human species. In the words of Ariana Grande, I'd like to say "Thank!" to this tendency, and so would Jamie. Here is her beautiful poem:

The Arena

Wake up Warrior.

What weapons will you grab today?

Your shiny sword and shield to protect you along the way?

Will your weapons cut, stab, and wound your enemy whose fears are the same as yours?

Like the enemy whose fears of abandonment and rejection keeps her from getting close to another.

Or the one whose fears of uncertainty and failure keeps her from realizing her dreams?

How about the enemy whose fear of not being seen or heard keeps them feeling small and inadequate?

Or the one whose fears of being hurt or judged prevents them from becoming their true selves.

Think. Think!

Do you need protecting from those enemies?

Listen Up Warrior, the one you call enemy only wants to love and be free, the same as you.

So, put down your weapons and show them your hands. It is much more courageous to embrace the enemy than to wound him.

Embrace the enemy, who only wants and needs what you want and need; a small amount peace, love and understanding in this sometimes-scary world.

Embrace that enemy for that enemy is YOU.

So, move through the arena with a smile and a kind word.

Try to uncover compassion for those you find challenging.

Make THESE your weapons when you enter the arena.

And especially Sweet Warrior, uncover compassion for yourself.

For that is like the air we breathe.

Now put down your sword and go.

*Client name has been changed to protect their identity

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