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Career Problems

The stress of career problems can make us feel small and overwhelmed. It's a big world and our survival is at stake. Some of our most difficult life challenges are faced in the arena of career, however, that means here lie some of our biggest opportunities for growth. Our therapists are trained to help you become empowered to turn career challenges into allies that will help you to develop your strengths and find success. 

Some examples of career problems we can help you with are:

  • Finding a career you love, in which you can use your unique talents and gifts to contribute to society

  • Supporting you through the process of experimenting with different career options

  • Figuring out if you have lost interest in your current career and whether it is time for a career change

  • Bringing a career dream to life that you struggle to feel confident enough to execute

  • Supporting you through big changes like re-entry into the workforce or retirement

  • Starting your own business or becoming an entrepreneur 

  • Confronting and overcoming conflict with co-workers or authority figures

  • Learning to be assertive in the workplace to create the career you want and need

  • Setting boundaries with work so that you can manage stress and cultivate work-life balance

  • Developing other interests and parts of your personality to combat work-a-holism. 

Let Us Help You Find Your 
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