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Art Therapy

Art therapy is a highly effective treatment for children, adolescents, and adults that provides a space for the individual to express and explore their emotions through painting, drawing, modeling, and a variety of other artistic mediums. Contrary to what many think, no artistic talent is needed for art therapy to be beneficial!


The therapeutic process of art therapy is about discovering the correlations between the creative choices of the individual and their inner self, not necessarily about making beautiful artwork. The peaceful art therapy environment can aid in bringing forth lost memories, telling stories that may be difficult to verbalize, and bringing forth healing from past experiences. Art therapy is also utilized to build self-awareness, enhance social skills, restore calm, and increase self-esteem.


Art therapy can help to give a voice to those who may find verbal communication with others to be challenging. Therefore, it is an ideal medium for children, teens or those with high anxiety, especially social anxiety. In art therapy, the art therapist and the client are able to communicate through the artwork and the artistic process. Come and create something beautiful in yourself with our art therapy specialist today!

Let Us Help You Find Your Place of Peace

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